Display one or all datasets in an IIM file
write the contents of a single IIM dataset to an existing file

If there is a parameter file (in tables/setup),
    tag:(rec.tag)   data: (fipSeq)
    tag:2.100   data:Hello - \JH
    mandatory-tag:2.100 data:Hello - \JH
        Save 'Hello - \JH' into the  contents of record 2, dataset 100
        if mandatory-tag is specified, then the tag is ALWAYS added even if the data
is blank
        otherwise blank data means the tag-data will NOT be added

    action: a/z
        a - add data to these tags
        z - zap these tags

sffiim -z IIM_FIPSEQ.DEF -o /tmp/iim/TMP.w4.4317.out -H /tmp/iim/TMP.w4.4317.fh
-i  /tmp/iim/TMP.w4.4317.iim | tee /tmp/IIM-x

Input Parameters are :

Mandatory :
    -i : input file name            default: none
        this is either a jpeg or an IIM 8BIM block
    -z : optional parameter file    default: none
        containing FipSeq to fill in tag data
    -a : add this tag as in -a 2.51     default: no additions
        this will also replace an existing tag
    -r : remove/zap this tag as in -r 2.51  default: no zaps
    -d : display this tag           default: display all tags (same as -D)
        -d 2.103
    -D : display all tags           default: this is the default, if no -a or -r or -d

    -C : display all 8BIM and sizes     default: no
    -h : extra FipHdr           default: none
    -H : file containing extra fiphdr to be used in the FipSeq  default: none
        (data of this file is ignored if there is any)
    -o : output file name           default: none
    -Q : quiet - use with -a and DO not display anything
    -s : string to insert in FipSeq     default: none
    -X : title - default 2.5 tag for a new 8BIM default: Fip
    -Z : sequence number file if not default
        -Z INWAY
    -v : version number             default: no

Version Control
;02a-g   7mar22 added RDJPGCOM style fiphdr <-> tag
    ;e 12may22 kick out mandatory-tag:1* before starting 2* tags
    ;f minor ;g bugette in dispPs
;01a-d   4aug15 exif better
;00i    01dec03 original vershun
    ;ef 01sep09 added -C and Extended size tag support
    ;g 15jul11 added -Q and strip padding chr when adding an extra field on the
    ;h filter ;i allow tags to be out of sequence

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