IPFOX is the program to test outgoing tty or terminal server (spider) ports.
 It repeatedly sends a barber pole message so that someone can check whether
the physical line is useable.

By default it will send a "Quick Brown Fox..." message but any text/binary
string can be specified to be sent in its place.

The SETUP file is held in tables/setup. This file is in the format :

        ; comment
        fox: This is the outbound string \r\n

where   ; signifies a comment
    text in the fox parameter is all on one line terminated with a NL. Normal Unix
escape chrs and octal codes may be specified using the '\'. There is a 2k
buffer size for the message.

If a TTY port is used, you may use a STTY file to configure the port. The name
used is tables/stty/STTY_FOX_ttyx where x is the port name.

Input Parameters :
     Note that -a and -f and -F are mutually exclusive
Mandatory :
    -s : Spider name or TTY device name     default: none
    -p : Spider port number                 default: none 
    -a : send a complete Ascii set from 0 to 255    default: do not
    -f : setup file holding the message to send default: none
    -F : Setup file is a binary file to send    default: no
    -S : string to send (in FipSeq)     default: none
    -t : interval between sends         default: 3 secs
    -T : open timeout for sockets       default: 10 secs
    -v : Print the version number and exit

Version Control
;05g    16sep96 WINNT
    ;b/c 23apr98 WINNT com port
    ;d 25feb02 added -a
    ;f 22mar04 added timeout and display and fipseq

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