IPDOC reads a list of program names in a file and ...
    EITHER copies it to an output file.
    OR (-h for haha) creates HTML files plus a proglist

The input file is ordinary text until it reaches the string :

        =%=ipbdcast.c (eoln)

 it will look for the file ipbdcast.c in the current directory and include the
doc bit in the output file.

The first line of the included file is stripped as it should have a /.* on it
and including stops if the '--eodoc' string is found.

If using a template - note that FipSeq can be inserted
plus    SB holds the short name (no .c)
    SN is the filename (with .c)

Inputs Parameters :
    -i : input file         default: none
    -o : output file        default: none
    -l : log includes       default: log only errors
    -r : end of line is CR NL   default: NL
    -H : output folder for html default: ../html
    -h : is HTML            default: ascii
    -t : HTML Top           default: ../doc/ipdoc.top.stub
    -b : HTML Bottom        default: ../doc/ipdoc.bottom.stub
    -e : extension for include file default: html
    -E : extension for the Top and Bottom   default: html
        ie top becomes ../doc/ipdoc.top.stub.html
    -M : md version for Grav    default: html
    -v : print version and exit

Version Control
;02j    26sep95 HTML starts ;a ok for both XYZ and HTML
    ;b 14dec01 core dump if eodc missing
    ;c-d added parse.html
    ;e added -H and made /ab/fipsrc ;f allow '>' as end chr
    ;g 14dec09 added -E
    ;h-i 2may12 cleanup
    ;j 28jun16 grav added
;01a    16jul92 chris original version ; a no do_program

(copyright) 2017 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.