Sort and print the contents or an abstract of the contents of an Queue on the

IPEDDIR does an 'ls -1t' to sort the directory on time date and then reads this
file to create the output file directory according to the parameters from the

The parameter file has the following parameters :
    banner: text for a Directory Banner in FipSeq   default: none
        banner:\r\nThis is a banner\r\n
    hdr:    text for specifying each file hdr in FipSeq default: ...
    nolines: There are no lines of text after the header line
                            default: 2 lines
    lines:  No of lines for each file. Specify 0 for ALL lines.
        lines:15                default: 2 lines
    files:  No of files to show         default: 0 for ALL files
    search: Optional search string in FipSeq to select ONLY these items
        search:KEEGAN               default: none
    dir: 'ls' parameter string          default: ls -1t
    dest:   select these destination(s) only    default: all
        (for log files only)
    matchdest: match the destinations       default: perfect match
        USe this to match ap1 = ap or rs1ap = rs
        match on first 3 chrs = matchdest:3
        perfect match (default) matchdest:0
        match on all but the last chr of the destination :-1
    nocr:   strip CR/NLs from the text  default: do NOT strip CRs
    strip:  Strip all text until this string UNLESS the
        string does not appear in the no of lines
        specified           default: no strip

Only one search string is allowed and only the first 64K of a file is checked.

Input switches :
    Mandatory :
    -d : path/filename for the resulting directory  default: none
    -q : queue to scan              default: none
    -a : archive name               default: none
    -j : logfile date relative to today.    default: 0 for today
        yesterday will be 1, 2days ago 2 etc
    Optional :
    -l : 'ls' parameter string (must be in dbl qtes)default: ls -1t
    -x : strip CR/NLs and leading spaces    default: leave text as is
    -t : parameter table            default: tables/print/EDDIR
    -s : search string - include ONLY files with this string
        This overrides the search string in the parameter file.
                            default: none
    -v : print version number and exit

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