IPMERC sends files to EasyLink public message service (also called Mercury
7500) for onward transmission to mailboxes on that network or to use other
facilities that they offer. It can be directly connected via a leased line or
can be used via a dialup line.

Note that this version works ONLY via a terminal server (ie a Spider).

IPMERC scans a directory and sends files to Mercury 7500. It also notes any
replies and these are sent back to the sender who may be on a remote editorial

The EasyLink address is EITHER the FIP header field DZ OR is the first line of

IPMERC uses a setup file, normally tables/setup/EASYLINK, to  get:
    attn:+++            - attn string for the modem if dialup
    reset:at&f\r            - reset string for the modem if dialup
    init:ate0&d0\r          - initialisation string if dialup
    dial:atdt8781111\r      - dial string if dialup
    disc:ath\r          - disconnect string for the modem
    id:22 logon password.third\r    - EasyLink ID and logon string

Input parameters are :
    Mandatory :
    -s : spider             default: none
    -p : port               default: none
    Optional :
    -q : queue in spool         default: spool/2m7500
    -l : do NOT log items out       default: log all files out
    -t : sleep time for queue scan      default: 5 secs
    -m : this is a modem connection NOT Leased Line default: LL
    -z : setup filename         default: tables/setup/M7500
    -v : print version no and exit

Note that the destinations file, tables/sys/USERS, needs to have the following
flags/fields set :
    for each fixed destination :
        gulfout=    DP:fip2  DQ:2m7500       DC:sun  DZ:19060005+
        where fip2 is the sending Unixbox and DZ holds the called no.
Plus if an error log is requred on another system (such as the Atex J11) this
is called m7500log is the ErrorLog/MercMsgNo file log.
        m7500log=       DP:edone6       DQ:dennis-usr   DC:atex  
        where edone6 is the name of the J11

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