This program attempts to do some form of Spider maintenance - web control, rate
of insect consumption etc.

In particular it can be used to make a log of the current settings of each
Spider terminal server. These text files can be refered to on spider failures.

Input parameters are :
    -s : spider name            default: none
    -p : password               default: environment variable
    Options include :
    -b : reboot - ever seen spider with boots
    -k : portno - kill a port and reenable it - if it locked.
    -z : save the parameters to tables/spider/SPIDERx_date_time
    -i :(default) show transmission stats (ts)

There is also a disabled switch -l to load from a saved parameter file.
However Spider keep changing the format, so we have disabled this.

Version Control
;006a   16sep96 WINNT

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