Convert/show/split into/out of UTF8 <-> Unicode

        sffutf8 20ac
    gives the result :
    2utf8.input.e.dec.8364.hex.20ac.oct.020254 -> output.3.bytes ?.226.e2.342
?.130.82.202 ?.172.ac.254

Format a string into/out of utf8
Either  -2 : convert the input number TO utf8       (default)
or  -X : convert the input string FROM utf8

        sffutf8 -X -o \\302\\243
            normally you need to double the backslash as it gets parsed twice

or  -S : file of UTF8 chrs to split into unicode numbers
or  -s : split an existing UTF8 into unicode numbers (dec, hex or oct) sep
    -e : splitter chr/string in FipSeq  (default is '^')
        for splitting, output is decimal by default

        sffutf8 -s
'三井住友FG、中島副社長が社長に昇格 12月1日付' -e
\\001 -n
        sffutf8 -s 'abcdef -e '^'
        sffutf8 -S /fip/x/TMP.w4.widths -e '^'

    -d : input is decimal if just a number      default: hex
    -h : input is hex if just a number      default: hex
    -o : input is octal if just a number        default: hex
    -p : input is printable if just a number    default: hex

    -D : output in decimal
    -H : output in hex
    -O : output in octal
    -P : output as printable
    -A : output ALL varieties   (default)

    -n : do NOT add a NewLine at the end
    -v : version and exit

Normally we add a NewLine After the string, use the '-n' input switch to strip.

Note that if you use 'echo' pls remember to NOT add a NL at the end.

Only other input parameter is -v : version and exit

To give options, type just 'sffutf8' on its own

Version Control
;0i-m   39nov23 ;i added -i -s -S ;j(bad) ;k -X working again ;m -s -S working
;0h 23mar05 chris original version ;f redid -2 ;g minors

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