IPP4IN accepts the incoming data file and has the following features :

Parameter file is P4IN_XXXX

Incoming file is a PostScript Page from a Mac possibly with a ResFork. File
wait is 10 seconds. ResFork is zapped.

Input file is copied to /p4/data/TIT/PUB/(todaysDate)/(inputfilename)

Input filename is parsed to find :

This is checked in  /p4/pages/TIT/PUB/(aliasname) for
or          /p4/pairs/TIT/PUB/PUBDATE/alias/(aliasname) for
or          /p4/transmits/TIT/PUB/PUBDATE/(aliasname) for

Using PUB, PUB_DATE, EDITION, (REGION, GROUP if exists) and DATE, we check
against the Page (or PagePair) PIPELINES to get the relevant processes. These
are written in a Stub FipHdr file in spool/p4dist with the individual stages
and pipeline processes.

If there is no match against the pipelines, the file is moved to the Error
Queue and the fact logged.

Another Stub FipHdr file is written to spool/2balance to copy it to the other
systems. This uses a default group og 'p4balance'.

A Log Token is sent to destination 'NotesLog' to note the file - and if in
error to ask what to do.

Note that CheckPair/Transmit are considered the end of the pipeline and, even
if there is more processes in the pipeline, they are ignored.

A new page is checked against Pages but if not found, is also checked against
PagePairs in case a double page spread is being sent.

In this case, it is assumed to be the left hand page and the righthand is force
to be a Blank or zero-length file.

The optional parameter file is normally P4IN_PAGE.FIP or P4IN_PAIR.FIP or

Input switches are :
    -i : input q (normally in ~/spool)      no default
        if the path starts with a '/', it is considered a hard path
    -t : Title code - usually 3 letters     default: TST
    -p : Publication code - usually 3 letters   default: TST
    -v : version number display and exit
    -u : ufb name. Used only for UFB entry points   default: none
    -PAGE : This is the spooler for incoming pages  default: -PAGE
    -PAIR : This is the spooler for checking pairs  default: -PAGE
    -TRANSMIT : This is the spooler for formes to transmit  default: -PAGE
    -RESEND : This is the spooler for resends   default: -PAGE
    -w : file wait for files arriving across the network. Set 15secs for NAS
                            default: 1
    -a : archive the raw input file         default: no
        for -PAGE types only

Example of a Stub FIle :
HI:there - ignore me
YS:1 opi_process
YS:1-1 proofer_process
YS:2 checkpair

- always starts (but does NOT end) with a tilde NL
- H* fields are history
- YA is the version number from /p4/tmp/version/(pub)/(tit)/(date)/(pagename)
- YB is the (optional) Other Page in a Promote for checkPair
- YC - (log Token) Event type       - default 'system' - other values 'data'
- YD is the Publication Date
- YE - (log Token) Event result
- YF is the raw data file (full path name) created at PAGE-used for PAIR
- YG is the File Unid (optional - defaults to YI) - only differs/used for
- YH is the SERZ - section, region, edition, zplit
- YI is the MagicNo (or Unique ID)
- YJ is the ths current Pipeline
- YK is the kill version number from
- YL is the page number (not used yet but reserveed - added by ipspool for now)
- YM - (log Token) Error Msg        - no default
- YN is the current data file to use (in /p4/tmp/current/(Unid)
- YO is the Folio file name /fip/publication/tmos/tmos/even.pair
    Folio - high or low -> even or odd.pair
- YP is the Publication code
- YQ (not used)
- YR is the true, proper, consistent Page Name - Default Alias
- YS is each discrete stage with the process to be run
- YT is the Title code
- YU is the P4PROCESS file (USERS/pipelines/processes) to use
- YV is the actual or Override Alias - for new Pages, raw data file (just the
file name) (for doc only)
- YW is the filetype - EPS/PDF etc
- YX is the last stage
- YY is a flag for RESENT files only with the name of a DEVICE to Ignore
- YZ is TimeStamp in 19981101120312 - ie with secs

- for Pairs we also have
- FR/FS name of the Right hand page (full path and just name)
- FL/FM name of the Left hand page  (full path and just name)
- VR name of the Right hand page    (double burn text)
- VL name of the Left hand page     (double burn text)

Log Token back to base has a FipHdr with
    SN - original filename/alias
    DU - Fip Destination for the Notes Log Server(s)

    YT - Title      - default 'TST'
    YP - Pub        - default 'TST'
    YZ - TimeStamp in 19981101120312 - ie with secs
    YX - Stage Id       - default '0'
    YC - Event type     - default 'system' - other values 'data'
    YR - Default Alias or Proper Filename - no default, set by Notes
        This is what the system wants to know the page as.
    YV - Override Alias or Actual Filename of Raw data - no default
        This is what editorial called the page.
    YF - Path/Filename of Raw data - no default
    YN - Current Filename   - no default
    YG - File Unid      - default is YI - differs for resends
    YI - Magic No/Unique No - no default
    YE - Error code     - no default
    YM - Error Msg      - no default
optionals are
    Y1 - Device Result  - default no field
    Y2 - Device Message - default no field
    Y3 - Need Response from the User - default 'no' - other values 'yes'
    Y4 - Email Sent      - default 'no' - other values 'yes'
    Y5 - Page Done       - default 'no' - other values 'yes'
other optionals are
    YT - Title      - default no field
    YD - Pub Date       - default no field
    YJ - Pipeline Name  - default no field
    YU - UFB Name       - default no field
    YO - Folio      - default no field

Note P4 usually leaves two file in 'spool/2balance'
    SX - Full Path/Filename for the data
        whichs the data for the first file and Stubfile for the second.
    DG - Group name
    DD - extra link for data for current.

Version Control
;02h    10jan10 P4 version ;c for common ;d tuning data areas ;e-h
;01k    23nov99 FipHdr field SL changed to DD (name clash)
        plus tracking small current files
    ;a/b/c-07dec99 - bug in do_newfile for isPagePair ..
        ..want 03-001-080 but 07-036sc1 also triggered
    ;d/e 17may00 balance page_archive on input
    ;f 15aug00 added chmod on page_error and -a for page_archive
    ;g/h/i/j 29apr02 added YA as version number (j-verno starts 0 not 1)
    ;k 01jan03 MACOSX

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