IPBIN opens a file and searches for non-printable chrs - ie not 7 bit ascii.

It creates a file called 'ipbin.filename' in tables/xchg (the filename is
lowercase so it does not overwrite an existing xchg). If this file exists, it
is overwritten.

The file is scrolled on the screen and stops each time a weirdo chr is found.
The program prompts for some text which is entered into the xchg file as a
comment line above the 'x:\377:' line. The idea being that the next step would
be to edit the xchg file filling in the 'x:' lines with the required good

To run :
    ipbin   filename
    ipbin   -c filename do NOT stop and prompt on each binary chr found
or  ipbin   -7 filename
or  ipbin   filename    xchgfilename
        where xchgfilename is the name of the file in tables/xchg
or  ipbin   -u filename file is UTF8
or  ipbin   -U filename file is UTF8 - and check for bad characters
or  ipbin   -6 filename file is UTF16
or  ipbin   -O (chr) filename stop on each chr greater or equal to the chr
        normally you need to dbl the backers : ipbin -O \\177 WW1.ds
or  ipbin   -v      to get the version number

IPBIN opens a file and allows you to search for Chrs or strings.

You can also replace these chrs and/or create another file with the correct
syntax for IPXCHG.

You can also run through finding all the occurences of the chr/string either as
is or case-insensitive.

Version Control
;04g    16nov08 added -u -U for UTF8/16 ;b1 added -X ;d buglette fixed ;e added -c
continue ;f bugette with nbsp 0200

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