This program is used to grab files from Prestige/DewarView/Sypress editorial

It polls the input queue for files to send. When it finds a entry, it grabs the
file from Database and sends it according to the destination specified.

Only one database can be scavenged in this way but if you have split databases,
there can be several copies of the program all pointing to different
databases/banks determined by their own (different) parameter file.

Optionally the queue can be a printer queue. Note that this in a different
format to the normal text files, so pls take care. Use the '-p' input switch to
specify. This will grab the file and send it to a Fip destination specified in
the 'destprt:' parameter in the parameter file ('sesprt' by default). This
destination should be added to tables/sys/USERS. It can then be processed by
ippsc and/or ipprint to format and send to the printer.
In this case all routing, delay and limit are ignored.

Optionally the program can be used to scan a delay field in the database for
files that need to be sent out at a specified time and date. The '-x' input
switch is used to specify which 'dirstamp' field to track.

Normal running would be to have 2 or 3 copies of this program, one for general
text out, one for printing and an optional third for checking a delay field.

A parameter file for the data is held in tables/xses and defaults to XSES for
Dewar and XPRESTIGE for Prestige.

The Translation parameter file has the syntax :
note for most parameters - passwords, table and column names - case is
sometimes important so keep uppercase upper
    ; comment line

Required keywords :
    dbname:(name of database)
    dbdatabase:(name of database)
    Use this ONLY for Sybase or MSQL where we need to chg database after logging
    dbuser: (User logon)
    dbpwd: (user password)

    dbtbl: (table name where data resides)
        dbtbl:EDMASTER      default is EDMASTER for Dewar and story for Prestige
        fiphdr:(2 letter FipHdr code) (subparameters)
        fiphdr:SN   field:DOS_NAME  size:11 case:lower
        fiphdr:DF   data:DATABASE
        SubParameters can be :
            either  field:(SES Column name)
            or  data:(fixed string or variable data in FipSeq)
                size:(number)       - maximum length of field on output
                case:(lower|upper)  - force case of output data
                filename:       - flag this is the filename for magic DOT 
        Always specify a size for Mimer.7.1 - defaults is 50
        Certain FipHdr fields have special meaning and so should not be used.
        Generally please do not use fields begining S* or D* or X* and be careful
        and check the OUTPUT program which fields it uses before deciding.
        We advise fields starting Q* (which is ALWAYS a User definable) or N*
        Fip Fields which need to be filled in are (mandatory are marked with a *) :
        **  SN - actual filename                defaults to DOS_NAME
        **  SC - source chrset for XCHG         defaults to ASCII
        **  SU - source or Agency or Publication name   defaults to SES
            SA - Source subaddress such as Logon        default - ignored
        **  DU - destination as in the sys/USERS file   default: see below
            DA - Destination subaddress such as Logon   default - ignored
                This is required when sending to POST for Syndication or MailBox etc
            DE - Delay until (must be a date field)     default - ignored
            DL - Delay ignored AFTER (must be a date field) default - ignored
            DF - Format for the output program      defaults to XSES
                As used by ipedsys, ipout, ipgtwy, ip2ses etc
            DB - Broadcast formatfile for ipbdcast      default: ignored
            PR - Story Priority             defaults to 3

Optional keywords :
    filename: New filename for output file in FipSeq
    outfmt: Name for the output format field, DF        default: XSES
    chrset: Name of the SC or Source chrset for xchgs   default: ASCII
    doneq:  Done queue for original files once sent - or 'delete' to zap
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA PATH
            (see -d Input switch, which defaults to spool/ses) 
            default doneq: done
    errorq: Error queue for original files that CANNOT be sent
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA PATH
            (see -d Input switch, which defaults to spool/ses) 
            default errorq: error
    defdest: Default Destination for files if nothing is found in the
        'Routing' field - the Fip DU field as per sys/USERS
        The default default is 'xses'
    force: Force the Destination to ALWAYS go to this destination (DU)
    destprt: Default Destination for printer files. default: sesprt

    nohdr:  Do NOT add a Fip style header on the output file. def: add hdr
    routefile: name of routing file in tables/xses      default: none
    before: FipSeq string to be added BEFORE any data   default: none
    after:  FipSeq string to be added AFTER  any data   default: none
    newDU:  Use this 2 letter FipHdr field as the       default FipHdr field DU
        destination field for routing. This should be either
        an entry in the tables/sys/USERS file or an entry
        in the 'routefile' as described above and below.
    chkexists: Full Path/file or queuename
    chktimeout: Timeout for the 'chkexists' in seconds
        CHKEXISTS is a complete pathname of either a standing file or a queue. This
is used to check that NFS drives are actually mounted BEFORE writing new files.
The program checks for (default) 10 secs before aborting that file and
continuing on with the next. Change the timeout period with 'chktimeout:'
        eg : chkexists:/data1/nfs/helios/.Desktop
        CHKTIMEOUT is the timeout for chkexists. Default is 10 seconds. This can be
'0' for never timeout or any number.
    missing-text: Text (in FipSeq) to be inserted when the text file is missing
        missing-text:\n ** Please contact Systems on x3300 - Missing Text **\n
        trace-file: (TraceFile in FipSeq)                      default: none
                Stuff all Sql used and the results into this Trace file.
                The folder MUST exist beforehand.
                eg    trace-file:/fip/log/sql/NEWS_EXTRACT.\$d
For Dewar,
    if using the -F to poll a second table and that table is
    NOT called 'fip', change with 'dewar-poll-table'
    eg  dewar-poll-table:pollme

For Prestige (not Prestige Library Extract)
        database queue-group to poll        default:output-wire
        database done queue-group for files output in the poll
        done-queue:done-wire            default:sent-wire
        the FipHdr field containing the     default:EI
        'story_id'. Note that 'story_id' MUST be extracted.
            fiphdr:NI   field:story_id
        log message in FipSeq.          default: \EI \SN -> \DU

  For Prestige Library Extract
        Format of the date in 'to_date' style   default:dd-mon-yyyy
        This allows requests for extracts specifying only the Pub and PubDate.
        Replacement sql to be used to select the story-ids for this extract.
        See below for the default and fuller description.
        Replacement sql to be used to select the data for each story-id
        extracted from the "get-all-story-ads"
        See below for the default and fuller description.

Default output format field (DF) is XSES
Default chrset field (SC) is ASCII
Default send queue is spool/2go.

A routing file can optionally be specified in tables/xses and has the format :
;   Routing table for New Edito Sys
tst yukodests hehe+leplep
where the searched-for string is 'tst' and valid destinations cover the rest of
the line. These destinations should be in the tables/sys/USERS file.

If no default destination is specified (defdest:) and there is nothing in the
DU 'Routing' field, or DU has NOT been specified, it will be sent to
destination 'xses' which should be in the USERS file.

Where sections of FipHdr fields are required or changes to the output style,
use keywords : fixed, partial, combie, optional, repeat, newdate and/or style.
(see The SysAdmin manual for more information).

    They are normally specified :
        fixed:QZ    1234543
        partial:QT  ST,3,2,U,<,>
        combie:QY   ep|na,(0000000)a 
        option:QE   ep,11,7,s
        repeat:QK   XK,-,3  
    or  repeat:QP   PK,,4,#X
        style:QS    XN,%.03d
        repeat:Q7   XC  spo=lov
        newdate:QD  hours+3 "\ZY\ZT\ZD"

Input Parameters are all optional :
    -n : name of service            default: XSES
    -d : path to the data files
            default: spool/ses for Dewar
            default: /prestige/share/story for Prestige
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -J : Drive for data files (NT only) default: c for c:
        This is a single letter
    -i : Input queue to scroll      default: send
        For Dewar    - If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA
PATH (-d)
        For Prestige    - If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under 'spool'
        For Prestige this is ONLY used for the Library Extract -E

    -D : Dewar delay dirstamp queue and name    default: none
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA PATH (-d)
        eg -D dirstamp/delay

    -l : do NOT log files in        default: normal log
    -L : log eveything          default: normal log
    -o : output queue           default: spool/2go  
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -p : Dewar print request queue      default: none
        This expects the files to be in SES printer request format.
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA PATH (-d).
    -r : routing file in tables/xses    default: none
    -s : logon and off for each file.
        default: logon on the first file until logged off by the server
    -u : owner if not that of the logon default: logon at start
    -w : Dir Stamp path name        default: dirstamp
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under the DATA PATH (-d).
        To stop the DirStamp :  -w""
    -X : Time between reconnects when Database is down. def: 10 secs.
    -Y : Strip leading and trailing spaces from Author/Filename.    default: no
        use this is the two fields are specified as fixed size.
    -z : parameter file in tables/xses  default: same name as -n for name
    -P : This is a Prestige system          default:DewarView
    -E : This is a Prestige system Library Extract  default:DewarView
    -F : This is a Dewar Polling table      default:DewarView
    -S : display Sql strings and results        default: do not
        Use this to debug errant connections.
    -y : use sffsleep to pause (fudges Oracle ignoring signals) default: no
    -v : print version number and exit

**Examples for SYSTEM file :
; Normal extractions
xses    local   ipxsesora -d/ses/network/txtfiles
; delay tracking
delay   local   ipxsesora -d/ses/network/txtfiles -D/ses/network/dirstamp/delay
; Printing
sesprt  local   ipxsesora -d/ses/network/txtfiles -p -i/ses/network/print -zsesprt

; Prestige Library Extract
prelib  local   ipxdb   -E -JF -d/ -o 2qtags -z xprelib
qtags   local   ipqtags -qlibdone
; Prestige Normal Export
xpres   local   ipxdb   -P -JF -d/

If using the Prestige flag '-P' or Library Extract '-E', note that :
    - FipHdr field EI MUST hold the unique 'story_id' to use for each story
        for the Library Extract it is automatic but for ordinary extracts, you
        MUST specify the 'fiphdr'.
    - No dirstamp and queue
    - Default data queue is /prestige/share/story (usually on F:)

For installation on NT please make sure that the mapped drive is available for
the logon used to start the Service (ipsvce or ipntsvce)
Look in ControlPanel/Services/Fip/Startup and make automatic and also changed
the 'log On as' to the ciorrect logon and password.
You MUST start and restart the service for this to take effect.

For Prestige Library Extract, there are two steps :
    1. select all the story-ids relevant
    2. Loop around these story-ads, extracting relevant data.

To change the former, use get-all-story-ids' keyword, using FipSeq for
The default select string is :
    select distinct story.story_id from story, doc, pubinfo
    where story.doc_id = doc.doc_id
    and doc.pubinfo_id = pubinfo.pubinfo_id
    and = "\EU"
(next line is Oracle only)
    and trunc(doc.pubdate) = trunc(to_date ('\ED', 'dd-mmm-yyyy'))
(next line is all BUT Oracle)
    and doc.pubdate = "\ED"
(If an Edition has been stated)
    and pubinfo.edition = "\EE"
(if a Zone has been stated)
    and = "\EZ"
(if a Section has been stated)
    and pubinfo.section = "\ES"

    Note that for Oracle double quotes " should be replaced by single quotes '.
    FipHdr fields are :
        Publication EU
        Edition     EE
        Date        ED  (**must be in SqlSvr format - 27-mar-1998)
        Zone        EZ  (optional)
        Section     ES  (optional)

If 'doc' and 'pubinfo' tables are NOT used, you may also want to change the
joins for the select statement grabbing the data for EACH story-id using the
Note ONLY the FROM/joins are required as the first part of the select is formed
dynamically from your parameter file.
The default is  (note leading space)
    FROM story,doc,pubinfo WHERE story.story_id = "\EI"
    and story.doc_id = doc.doc_id
    and doc.pubinfo_id = pubinfo.pubinfo_id
where EI is the temporary FipHdr field holding a single story-id.
NOTE - You MUST specify the whole string one one line.

Version Control
;08j    25apr00 added -F for polling the 'fip' table in Dewar
    ;a 25may00 added order-by for dewar poll
    ;b 26feb01 PAR reports zombies - none found but WAIT added in case
    ;c 01aug02 added -y to use sffsleep for oracle fudge
    ;d/e 13dec02 added -S for display SQL (only chdrive for data dir/fopen/stat)
    ;f-g 29apr03 added newEI properly for Prestige Library
    ;h-i 02sep06 odbc version
;07 20mar00 added mysql and mod for DCT
;06b    18feb99 added Oracle Dates plus OraDateFmt plus allow-no-edition
    MaxFiles per PresLibExtract (MaxRows) was 100 is now 5000.
    ;a 06jul99 Prestige Extract - added newEI and log-line
    ;b 20sep99 did WINNT drives better

(copyright) 2024 and previous years FingerPost Ltd.