This program opens a serial port (rs232 or v24) to receive files sent by SNDFIP
from an Atex J11/SCP. The serial port can be either a terminal server port
(such as a Spider) or a TTY.

The files are send in FIPNET standard (qv IPXNET for more information).
Additionally two more to-do code flags are used :
    IP_NET_BIN  Next chr is a control chr OR decimal 250+.
    IP_NET_MARK Start/End of packet

Once a file has been received, it is passed to ~/spool/2go for program IPWHEEL
to distribute.

Inputs Parameters are :
    Mandatory :
    -n : name of this service           default: none
    -s : name of spider ot TTY device       default: none
    -p : port number if Spider          default: none
    Optional :
    -f : Extra FIP header information       default: none
        For fixed header info in FIP. eg -f #QA:AA#QB:BASIC
        As this flag is normally the last specified, its contents
        can be used to overwrite any unique fields such as DU, DP,
        SN etc.
    -l : do NOT log incoming files          default: log all files
    -c : chrset (contents of the SC FIP hdr field)  default: ascii
    -v : print the version number and exit
    -M : ignore shared memory

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