This program is used to add FipHdr fields matched against a key field in a
RamsTxt file. The original header and text are left untouched.

Keywords for RamsTxt parameter file are :
    ; comment line7
    extra-fiphdr:   more fixed Fip Hdr fields to add to the file (before any new
matched additions)

        Change the end of line
    balance-group: (group name)
        This puts a copy of each file in 2balance.  default: none
        Do not forwards drop messages           default: no
        This adds an 'SZ' source redundancy to the incoming file
        and leaves a copy in spool/2net         default: no
    track-xt-type:                      default: no
        This adds <FipTextType-TW:X> or TW:T markers in the text
        Send data files only, not the headline-only files as well.
    convert-data:yes/no             default: no
        Convert data and Headline to either ISO or UTF8 depending on the original
        The FipHdr field T6 is set to 'ISO8859' for ISO-8859-1 or 'UTF8' for UTF-8
    ignore-deletes:(yes/no) deletes are normally passed thru

    ignore-pnac: (pnac)             default: none
        Ignore all segments or bd recods for this PNAC
        There can be 100 ignores...

Where sections of FipHdr fields are required or changes to the output style,
use keywords : fixed, partial, combie, optional, repeat, newdate and/or style.
(see The SysAdmin manual for more information).

    They are normally specified :
        fixed:QZ    1234543
        partial:QT  ST,3,2,U,<,>
        combie:QY   ep|na,(0000000)a
        option:QE   ep,11,7,s
        repeat:QK   XK,-,3
    or  repeat:QP   PK,,4,#X
        style:QS    XN,%.03d

Input Parameters are :
    -P : Port number to listen on           no default.
    -C : Log interval               default: 600  (for 10 mins)
        set to zero for no logging
    -l : log totals of files every 10 mins      default: do not log
    -L : log files in               default: do not log
    -o : output queue               default: spool/ramsfilter
        If this does NOT start with a '/', it is assumed under spool.
    -s : local hostname             default: main IP address/hostname
    -U : allow udp ports with the main tcp      default: use TCP
    -z : default parameter file in tables/setup default: RamsTxt
    -Z : do not track ramswire seqnos       default: track
    -v : print version number and exit


Version Control
;002y3  31oct10 use listed lists for duplicates
;002x15 20oct03 added language control
    ;g-i 09feb04 added send-data-only:
    ;j 15mar04 bugette - DJ sending Corrections with No Bdcasts !!
    ;k 25mar04 woops Alerts NOT always being sent.
    ;l-m 06jun04 Priority for NBs bugette
    ;n-o 14aug04 3 bugettes with CORRECTEDs
    ;p 24sep04 speedy
    ;q-v 05oct04 another stab at cleaning up the USN/filename
    ;w 12may06 allow DELS 4.7 if data only
    ;x4 15oct08 bugette in UPDATES ;2 -U better ;3-4 bugettes ;5 ignore subbo>8
        ;6-7 added ignore-Pnacs ;8 CHG - malloc each pkt NOT at first.. ;9-10 hashes
        ;11-15 18sep10 better handling of duplicates as RDF is good at them
;001y   27dec02 use UDP not files ...
    ;m max PNACS now 200000
    ;n 25may03 cleanups
    ;o-p 18jun03 isheadline and NTM code
    ;q-s 28jul03 added balance-group and priority and takeon better
    ;t-y 19aug03 strip eles for Hourly_maint for just 1 pnac
;000d   16oct01 original version

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